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Review of Current Instructional Schedule

Superintendent Stec provided an update to the ongoing work the Leadership Team has been engaged in regarding a review of the current instructional schedule. Since the last Board meeting, the following has changed and influenced the overall planning:


  • Availability of the Vaccine: While some vaccines have been made available to our staff, accessibility remains very much in flux. We have been promised much more than we are receiving. This continues to impact the overall timeline as to when all staff could be potentially vaccinated.
  • Local COVID-19 Positivity Rates are Declining. This has resulted in local communities opening up with bars, restaurants, etc. expanding their offerings.
  • Area School Districts are Expanding Onsite Options. Locally we are seeing schools modifying their schedules to have students in school for more days.


Superintendent Stec noted that these factors have greatly influenced parent interest in us expanding our own instructional model. Parents are seeing their communities open up, and they are expecting the same from schools.


He also has heard a growing number of concerns from parents about lack of student interest in school; wanting more instructional offerings on Wednesdays; and expanding specials to occur more frequently throughout the week. Our first and second grades also seem to be the grade levels struggling the most with student engagement in learning.


Members of the Leadership Team spoke to the Board about all of the considerations the team has been evaluating to improve upon our current schedule. Part of this work has been centered around the possibility of condensing smaller onsite class sections so students can be in more frequently. Building administrators shared with the Board how this would look different building by building and grade level by grade level, noting space restrictions and higher in-person numbers at some schools compared to others.


Board members noted that moving forward with this would require clear communication regarding the possibility of district-wide inequity. We would also have to reinforce our continued commitment to safety.


When Will We Know More? Expectations of Communications

Understanding the interest of staff and families as to when we will know more about what changes will be implemented with our schedule, the following Communications Timeline has been developed:


    Focus: What the changes will be to the schedule and when they will be implemented


    Focus: What the changes will be to the schedule and when they will be implemented

Following this first round of communication, additional communication will follow in March, which will included a survey for parents to choose their preferred learning model following spring break.